Tapestry for Raj

Tapestry for Raj

Words by Faye Oakenfull

A trip to India in 2018 was the beginning of my journey to creating Fayeeo. I spent 6 weeks travelling (just a fraction of) the huge and magical country. I left completely inspired and fired up to design again after a 3 year creative rut. This year I began to create a series of pieces inspired by the amazing people who embodied everything I fell in love with about India.

I met Raj in the city of Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. Raj has lived in Agra his whole life and as a tour guide of the Taj Mahal, he believes he has the best job there is. 

We woke to morning prayer calls and met Raj at sunrise. He rushed us to a short cut through the staff entrance to make sure we got in while it was still quiet. He spent the morning walking us around the Taj Mahal, sharing his endless knowledge of the mausoleum and it's grounds, as well as the best places to view it from. 

At the end of the morning I asked Raj if I could take a photo of him. He seemed surprised I'd asked, but equally pleased. When taking the photo, I asked Raj what he liked to do with his days off. He told me he spends his spare time looking after sick and injured street animals. He then stood proudly for his photo, and so he should have. 

Tapestry for Raj, 2020

100% Cotton, Patchwork and Applique.

*If you would like to commission a tapestry for any space or occasion, please email us at hello@fayeeo.com.